Lectures and Talks

Art in FE Artist talk Oxford March 2000
Tate Modern Artist talk London July 2000
ICA London Brit Art Artist talk Feb 2003
ICA London Diversity Artist Talk Oct 2004
University of Brighton Guest Lecture Critical Fine Art Practice Artist talk 2008 -2017
University of Brighton Guest Lecture Fine Art BA (hons) Artist talk 2010

Residencies and Awards

Eastern Arts Award Winner Prints and Etchings Category 1995
ICA residency London June 2002
ICA Diversity workshop Sept 2002
Becks Futures Nominated 2005


Dziennik Polski February 2015
Nowy Czas February 2015
Nowy Czas September 2014
Harpers Bazaar May 2009
Viewpoint magazine January – September 2003
West End Extra Feb 2000
Metro Newspaper Feb 2000
Evening Standard Feb 2000
The Sunday Times newspaper May 2001
Blueprint magazine October edition 2000


Breathing Cities Published by August Media April 2000